Surely enough your life gets a bit more complicated without alarms and reminders to help you keep track of important events and activities. Even getting out of bed in the morning can be quite the hassle without an alarm. As such, Countdown Clock is a specialized tool to help you set timers for events on the long run.

The application comes in a pretty lightweight package, and you can even deploy it on a thumb drive in case you want to carry the reminder with you at all times. No traces are left on the computer you decide to use it on, and no registry entries need to be modified in order to enable functionality.

As soon as the application is launched the event configuration screen shows up so you can define the new counter. A couple of preset ones can be used to start counting until midnight New Year’s eve, or Christmas day. It wouldn’t have been a proper countdown timer if it wasn’t for the possibility to set your own event.

Choosing a custom timer reveals a set of drop-down menus through which to set month, day, year, and exact time in AM/PM format. Moreover, you can set a description for the event to make it easy to identify, as well as an announcement which shows up on the screen when the time comes.

The timer starts right away inside a compact window. During runtime, you can access the appearance configuration window to set number, text, and background color. However, you need to manually add a shortcut to the system Startup folder so the timer is ready when you reach the desktop. What’s more, you can only set one event at a time, which has a considerable impact on practicality.

All things considered, we can state that Countdown Clock is sure to help you remember specific tasks and events, but it can only be used for a single alarm. The general set of options leaves much to be desired, including the visual design, even if there are options to tweak aesthetics.