Monitoring sales on eBay can be a tedious, time-consuming activity, especially when you have to configure certain automation elements. Although many users might raise an eyebrow at the thought of managing their eBay account via third-party software, this is one of the most effortless ways to go.

One of the said specialized applications is CounterOffer, a handy utility that can save you a lot of time by conveniently checking eBay for offers and automating certain bidding functions.

CounterOffer comes with a minimalistic and unattractive design. On the other hand, it allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with it and fully access its features in no time. Although it does not provide you with complicated functions, basic eBay operating knowledge can help you better understand this application.

The program displays a central log window that you can check for any event that might occur (e.g. successfully logging in, finding new offers, checking for new offers). In addition, logs are automatically saved on your PC, so that you can keep track of previous actions with ease.

This handy utility allows you to modify specific settings regarding each auction, such as instant buying price or minimum value percentage to be accepted. You can either place a minimum percentage for all of your auctions or you can define unique values for each and every one of them.

CounterOffer quietly runs in your system tray, continuously monitors eBay's best offers and accepts certain ones, based on the parameters that you defined. Furthermore, if the application identifies an incoming offer value that is below your specified threshold, it automatically places a counter-offer for the price you want.

This reliable utility allows you to configure and use multiple eBay accounts, so that you do not have to switch between them every time you need to check a specific item.

In conclusion, CounterOffer can prove to be a helpful, time-saving program that you can use to easily monitor your auctions and automate certain bidding actions.