Creating a presentation for a product you want to sell gives it an extra chance. In case of media files or applications delivered on disk drives, specialized applications like Cover Professional give you the possibility to design a custom cover you can use on websites or documents to enhance a particular product.

The first thing you might want to do after launching the application is taking a look at the object library, found in a side panel. Truth be told, it is a little disappointing to see such poor content. Several box types are available, with the option to add a CD, but at fixed positions. Once your selection is made, the center workspace lets you view it up close, and move the camera around to get the angle just right.

Moving to the next step you find options to add a personal touch to the project. Depending on the selected object, you can import pictures to be used for various parts or sides. The same options can be applied to a CD in case you chose to display one from the previous menu.

The background can also have a different color, or be left transparent which is the default option. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to set an image for your object to be displayed on.

Additional options put at your disposal let you carefully position the object using sliders. Moreover, size can also be adjusted as well as a few settings regarding light, such as intensity, reflection, or whether or not to draw shadow.

Hitting the “Render” button brings up a small window with a preview section displaying the end result. Size of the image can be set, and finally saved to some of the most commonly used formats.

All in all, Cover Professional is an easy to use application designed to let you create a custom cover in no time. Even though the object library leaves something to be desired, it makes a good impression overall. It's not a professional tool unlike the name suggests, but it gets the job done good and fast.