With the computer being a powerful multifunctional tool and the Internet one of the fastest ways to access the software market, piracy found a suitable environment to flourish. Luckily, applications such as Crack Tracker Pro give a helping hand in hunting down illegal distribution of commercialware applications.

There are two ways in which you can trigger the core function. On the one hand, the application puts all necessary options at your disposal in a friendly environment, giving you the possibility to search and issue reports directly from the main window.

This is done by searching a product based on specific keywords. The whole process is then put in motion, with a time-consuming operation of searching several suspect websites. These can be viewed and managed in order to broaden search horizons.

On the other hand, if you happen to stumble upon a suspicious website while browsing the web, a dedicated function lets you quickly import the link so that it can be analyzed and further processed. The application lets you add one or more entries, only requiring you to trigger the submission operation once.

What's more, in order to exclude the possibility of a false alarm, you are able to attempt and download the pirated content. In addition, search criteria can be slightly configured from a dedicated menu, with the possibility to enable URL confirmation, parallel searches, limit provided results, as well as a monthly recurrence.

On an ending note, Crack Tracker Pro is a neat solution to fighting online piracy. It's a difficult and lengthy war, but constant checks with this application decrease the potential rise and spread of such occurrences. It's easy enough to use by anyone and doesn't require a sophisticated machine to run on.