CrashPlan is a professional software application built specifically for helping you back up the sensitive information stored in your disk, as well as compress, encrypt, and transmit the files to the desired destination.

You are welcomed by a clean feature lineup that allows you set up the backup process in detail. Thanks to its well-organized set of functions, you can easily create backup tasks, restore data, tweak the entire operation, check the history panel for additional information, invite friends to back up data to your computer, as well as pick the destination.

CrashPlan gives you the possibility to choose the folders that you want to include in the backup task or pick the entire partition, and view information about the total number of files and size.

When it comes to restoring options, the utility keeps all your deleted files and retains unlimited file versions. Plus, you may restore the selected partitions, folders, or individual files, perform search operations, and make the tool reveal hidden and removed files.

The app offers support for a wide range of dedicated parameters which enable you to provide a name for your computer and accept inbound backups from other computers by entering the backup code, picking a default saving location, and scheduling the process.

What’s more, you can receive email notifications with backup status report at a custom time and alerts when data is not backed up for a user-defined number of days, create Twitter alert messages, run the backup task at a specific time, as well as exclude files and folders by extension.

CrashPlan lets you pause the backup task on low battery, over selected network interfaces and Wi-Fi networks, encrypt the information, set up an account and master password for accessing the application, and configure network parameters (e.g. limit the sending and receiving message buffer size).

The utility empowers you to back up data to multiple destinations, such as friends (save the information to a friend’s computer), computers (back up data between your computers or laptops), folders, and the cloud service provided by the tool. During our testing we have noticed that CrashPlan accomplishes a task pretty quickly and without hampering the overall performance of the computer.

All in all, CrashPlan proves to be a reliable app that comes bundled with plenty of customization options for helping you create backup plans and store the encrypted information into multiple destinations.