There are many aspects to take into account when throwing a surprise birthday party for someone, such as decorations, entertainment, invitations, and drinks. It's a well-known fact that the cake represents the main event, which means that all details have to be perfect.

If you're looking for a simple way of designing a "Happy Birthday!" message that will be placed on top of the cake, with or without an image, you can use Create a Cake. This Windows application is easy to use, even if you haven't used similar software before.

Packed in an interface that's a reminder of the Microsoft Office 2007 look, Create a Cake has all options neatly organized in a ribbon bar, under several tabs. It checks the latest formats on the developer's website at startup and automatically downloads them on your behalf.

You can write custom text or insert Word Art instead, as well as import images from files, scanners, digital cameras or other external devices. Several birthday-themed pictures can be downloaded from the developer's website, such as balloons, teddy bear, or sweets.

Besides printing the design on paper, you can generate PDF documents if you have a virtual printer installed, as well as create image files.

As far as configuration settings are concerned, you can select the preferred font, text size and colors, add shapes and arrange them in the page, as well as adjust the page properties (opacity, outline, position, size). Different themes are available for interface, so you can choose the preferred one.

The program worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests, using low system resources. Unfortunately, it doesn't have too many images and other resources available for download. Besides this, Create a Cake comes packed with settings intuitive enough to be used by anyone who has worked with the old Microsoft Word before.