Some of our greatest traits as a species are diversity and creativity, and we have all that surrounds us as solid proof. Even if seen in minor details, customization plays an important role in daily activities. In this regard, Create A Clock comes as a simple means of visual design for different clocks, to change the way you look at the time.

The application stores all of its features in a rather simple interface, fitted with a few tabs for different areas you can manage. You might need some external resources such as images, for which the application puts a few sources at your disposal. There’s the possibility to completely ignore this option, considering the Internet is full of pictures that are a mouse click away.

One of the first steps is to choose the type of clock you want to create, but the choices are pretty poor, with only CD and wall up for display. The lucky thing is you can add a custom format, which simply means you get to import your own image, arrange it in the slot, and define its shape.

The following steps are pretty easy to understand, since they gradually require you to either select an image for the background, or crop and move it if necessary. A few more options are encountered when you’re asked to actually define the style.

Options put at your disposal give you the possibility to select from different shapes for dials and indicators, even with a random button for a surprise style. These don’t refer just to the shape itself, with options to change font, the way digits are displayed, and colors. In addition, you can add a layer of text that can benefit from common formatting.

To sum it up, Create A Clock is not really what you expect to find. Not because of the shallow set of options, but the result is only useful to you if printed out on a sheet of paper or using a virtual printer to save a local file, because there are no options to at least generate an image or simple gadget to keep on your desktop.