This simple and useful utility allows you to easily insert MS Access fields into a Word document.

Before you start converting the files, you are prompted to choose the database file and the Word document template.

In order to keep things simple and easy for the user, the program comes with a straightforward interface.

When you run Create Word Documents From MS Access Software, you are prompted to load a MDB or ACCDB file to be merged with the Word document.

Then, a new window pops out, allowing you to select which tables, queries or SQL you wish to incorporate in the new file.

Merging the two files together can be done easily with Create Word Documents From MS Access Software by following the indications provided by the app itself.

Once the MS Access file is loaded and you have selected what you wish to export to the new document, you only need to choose the output file location in order for the program to start converting the files.

If you want to make the whole process even easier, you can insert the files you want to work with using drag and drop support.

If the MS Access database is encrypted, the program will prompt you for the correct password before the conversion process is started.

To run the program, other two pieces of software need to be installed. Create Word Documents From MS Access Software won't function without MS Access and Word 2000 (or a later version) being already installed on the computer.

Otherwise, you might end up with all sorts of errors and the final output file could be severely affected.

Create Word Documents From MS Access Software is a basic, yet useful application that allows you to easily convert MS Access fields into Word documents by merging the two files into a new one.