CreationWeb Business Edition is a comprehensive yet user-friendly utility designed to offer a simple method to create, develop and publish multiple websites for your personal business or any public companies. It comes in handy especially to share detailed information about your firm's achievements, upcoming plans, general info about you and staff members, as well as describe the offered products to attract potential buyers and customers.

The application is wrapped in a modern and accessible interface, which changes based on the selected function and provides a step-by-step explanation on how to easily construct and publish your webpage. From the main menu, you have the choice to make a new project, save the current one and go back to the initial screen. A progress bar displays the progress while the program lets you preview the overall look of the site.

To get started, first choose the corresponding business type that best represent you, like advertising, agriculture, non-profit, education, health services or IT. You can take the quick guide to learn the basics or skip it. The next step is to pick the desired design for several predefined ones, by browsing the gallery. Unfortunately, CreationWeb Business Edition doesn't let you use custom templates and doesn't offer a standard web editor to pick the color, font and style yourself.

Each section of the page can be personalized with the company's general details, such as name, slogan, brief description, the objective of the site and location. In addition, it's possible to add a short history, contact info (e.g. email, phone number, address, country), work schedule and a description of the products/services you offer.

If you are selling merchandises, the tool lets you input its name, price per unit, description and descriptive images (JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG). Plus, a news section can be easily added. To publish it, you need to possess FTP server information and a hosting location.

The bottom line is that CreationWeb Business Edition is a reliable and interactive utility that comes in handy for business owners and web designers to effortlessly construct a complex website for their company and products.