Crossword puzzles are a popular method of brain exercise and quite a widespread hobby, especially if you enjoy putting strain on your mind and finding out new things. On the other hand, you may also want to create your own puzzles, using your personal words and clues to fill the grid, in order to share them with your friends.

Crossword Creator Pro is an application that enables you to create your very own word games, by allowing you to set up a word list and quickly generate a crossword puzzle containing every specified term. In addition, you can also add clues and small descriptions for each word, in order to help your readers solve it.

The overall grid can be customized to fit your requirements, by modifying the width and height values according to your preferences. The title and topic of the puzzle is also left for you to choose, as is the color scheme. Hence, you can adjust the color of the background, the squares and even the grid lines, making use of the entire visible spectrum.

Although you can simply add the word list and automatically generate the entire puzzle, it is also possible to do it by hand, by simply positioning every word onto the grid. To achieve this, the application allows you to enter the X and Y coordinates every time you want to add a term to the overall construct, which, despite being a bit time consuming, it gives you full control over the entire grid.

The auto-generation function, on the other hand, comes in handy when you need to create multiple crossword puzzles one after another and you do not have the time to manually arrange each one. Thus, although it does not generate anything too complicated, it is capable of providing you with a low difficulty challenge and create simple arrangements.

All in all, Crossword Creator Pro manages to make crossword creation easy, which enables everyone to generate their own in a matter of minutes. Moreover, the user interface is intuitive enough to be quickly understood and put to use regardless of your experience, although it can take a few more minutes to get the hang of the manual word positioning.