Data traveling on the information superhighway isn’t always safe, but you can take your own security measures. For instance, encryption has become a common practice, with a variety of powerful algorithms which are sure to enhance protection. In this regard, Cryptosystem ME6 wants to be by your side when it comes to file protection.

As the name clearly points out, the application’s core feature is to help you put a lock on important files through encryption. It does this with the help of 64-bit encryption keys you can generate in a variety of methods. The overall operation is intuitive and doesn’t take a lot of time.

The application can feel a little rough around the edges at first, but this simplicity is sure to quickly get you up and running. Most of the space is where you configure the operation, a side panel for properties and key management, as well as a set of instructions in the window header sections in case you’re new to this kind of task.

Needless to say that you can apply encryption to any file, regardless of size, type, or content. However, before this is possible you need to create or specify an encryption key. This can be done by manually writing down a piece of random text to be used, or loading an existing key. Be sure to keep these files safe because they’re your only tickets to ever recovering content.

As such, your effort narrows down to specifying the type of operation, which can be to encrypt or decrypt, whether to target a single file or the content of an entire folder, and whether or not to overwrite input file. You can also create a text filter in case you target multiple files inside a directory.

Bottom line is that encryption is an easy algorithm to use on your files for enhanced protection. Cryptosystem ME6 offers a comprehensive set of tools with which anyone can quickly get familiar. A personal encryption key is set up on the spot, allowing you to then secure one or more files in no time at all.