Regardless of whether you are using such setups for work or personal entertainment,  you cannot deny that having a multi-monitor setup does have its benefits.

The problem is that depending on the OS or hardware that you are sporting; it is not uncommon for you to have incompatibility issue with your system.

The problem is there are plenty of common problems that plague a Multi-Monitor computer users' experience in games and applications designed for single monitor computers, and that is where CSMMT comes into play.

Plenty of games out there, including RTS and MOBA games, make edge-scrolling, where moving the mouse cursor to the absolute edge of the computer screen moves your view in either the image you're viewing or the 3D world you're in.

The problem is that while you are using multi-monitor systems, these games may only take one monitor into account when considering edge scrolling, or even displaying the game altogether.

This is because whenever you're using a Multi-Monitor computer the edge of your desktop spans across multiple physical displays, yet despite this many applications only use one of your many displays.

Using this app essentially eliminates the PC's ability to sense the physical borders between two monitors, and this can be set from within the settings menu, where you have to set the number of monitors connected to the PC.

Currently, the app is capable of supporting up to 10 monitors, which is more than enough, even for the most hardcore of gamers.

One thing worth mentioning is that multimonitor support has been vastly extended in the latest versions of the Windows OS, making this program useful for those using older PC systems.

If you love commanding your virtual army in-game yet feel the need to have an expanded view of the map, then you can go ahead and run a multi-monitor system, resting assured that CSMMT has your back.