The Renegade Scrollbar Color Designer lets you create impressive CSS scrollbars for the Internet Explorer and Opera internet browsers.

Designed with ease in mind, the large preview and live generated scrollbars give you complete control to create CSS scrollbar color schemes.

Use the convenient color picker, color mixing sliders, or grab colors from anywhere on your computer monitor. Preview, generate and save your CSS scrollbars.

Open CSS, HTML, ASP, PHP, and other web files to import existing CSS scrollbar color schemes. Hex, RGB and named colors are all supported.

Choose to have CSS color output in Hex, RGB, or named colors.

Color schemes can be saved in a convenient list for later recall. Just click the +/- to add/remove CSS color schemes or erase the entire list.

Three easy previews let you check your work as you progress. A large CSS scrollbar color preview displays the element name and color in Hex for you, while the smaller real size preview shows you what it really looks like.


В· NET Framework 2.0


В· 45 days trial