In the eventuality that you have a relatively large CSV file that you can no longer open with regular programs, such as Excel or Google Sheets, for instance, then your best alternative would be to split it. As the name implies, CSV File Splitter is a tool designed to split huge comma separated values files and hence, enable you to perform data analysis in Excel (which is known to have a 1,048,576 row limit).

The installation is fast and smooth and you do not need to have Microsoft Excel installed on the workstation for the tool to work. According to the developer, the program enables you to perform splits via three distinct methods, namely a single spreadsheet containing multiple sheets, multiple separate spreadsheets and smaller data files. Regardless of the method you choose, each file contains one million rows.

Generally speaking, similar applications solely allow separated values files, which is quite limiting if you are using another delimiter. The advantage of the tool stems from the fact that you can customize and specify the delimiter, which can be comma, semicolon, tab, space or any other you want to define.

According to the developer, the Sheet Mode feature adds a handy functionality to the tool as now you can split CSV files into multiple sheets that are all part of the same spreadsheet. Moreover, you can customize the column data types and even eliminate selected columns altogether.

Therefore, you can be sure that Excel will preserve the data rather than auto format it as usual. Needless to say that this feature can come in handy when you are working with numeric data with leading zeros which you prefer not to be removed. Even though CSV File Splitter is designed to work with large chunks of data, you will be happy to learn that processing the data is quite fast.