If your work implies handling multiple documents, whether it is just viewing or also editing, you probably know that certain files on your computer can only be processed with specific tools.

However, nowadays it is possible to choose from a wide selection of handy applications that can simplify your work by providing you with useful features. One of these programs is CSV Reports.

Please note that this utility requires you to have .NET Framework on your computer, otherwise it cannot run as intended.

This tool packs a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that encompasses a couple of interactive buttons. Therefore, numerous users, regardless of their previous experience with similar applications, can benefit from its capabilities with minimum effort.

It comes with no standard configuration menu since its only purpose is to help you view and modify CSV files from your computer in a quick, efficient manner.

You can turn to CSV Reports if you need a lightweight application that can help you open and modify CSV documents from your PC without significant efforts.

It features a Load button that you can use to import the corresponding items to the applications. On the downside, dragging a file and dropping it on the main window in order to open it is not an available function.

Once you have imported your desired content, you can edit each line easily by double-clicking it and inserting your desired information into the active field. After you are done editing the document, you can save it on your computer by hitting the Save button and defining a valid location. The output file type defaults to CSV, so you do not need to worry about specifying it to the program beforehand.

All things considered, CSV Reports is a simple application that enables you to display and modify CSVs on your computer without considerable efforts. It packs a visually unattractive user interface that comes with a few straightforward functions, thus providing you with both efficiency and accessibility at the cost of aesthetics.