CSV Splitter & Merger is a simple-to-use software application that enables you to cut and join CSV files, regardless of the separator used in the documents. It comes loaded with a bunch of intuitive options that can be quickly figured out.

The installation procedure is fast, and the only notable aspect about it is that you need .NET Framework installed. As far as the interface is concerned, the program adopts a clean and intuitive window split into two panes to split and merge items.

In order to split a CSV file, you can indicate it using the file browser, indicate whether or not it has a header row, specify the number of lines per line, as well as establish the output directory for the new files.

The merging procedure is even simpler, since all you have to do is pick two or more files, set the target folder, as well as ask the utility to ignore the first line from the second file. There are no other notable options available here.

We haven't come across any stability issues in our testing, thanks to the fact that the application didn't hang, crash or prompt error messages. It carried out tasks fast while remaining light on system resources consumption, since it needed a low amount of CPU and RAM to work properly.

On the other hand, it doesn't bring more advanced features to the table, especially when taking into account that there are other utilities offering similar functionality for free. We must also take into account that it hasn't been updated for a long time.

All in all, CSV Splitter & Merger delivers a simple solution for cutting and joining CSV files, and it can be seamlessly handled by anyone.