The iCalendar (ICS) format is used by many calendar applications, such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, to store data, but this information can also be exported to other formats, such as CSV.

CSV-to-ICS Converter is a straightforward program that enables you to convert CSV data to ICS. It is capable or processing individual files, as well as monitoring a folder and performing conversions automatically.

If you only wish to convert a single file, the operation is very straightforward. You just need to select the source document, specify where the output file should be saved and click the Convert button. However, it would have been great if drag and drop actions were supported.

The source file can contain multiple fields, such as the event title and date, as well as others that define recurring events and scheduled reminders.

CSV-to-ICS Converter enables you to select a folder that should be checked at all times for new CSV files. When one of these is detected, it is converted to ICS automatically, without requiring any user input.

The output files can be saved locally, but you also have the option of sending them to a specified FTP server.

The user interface does not stand out too much, as its visual design is fairly simple, but it is very intuitive and features a streamlined layout.

Given that the application is likely to be left running for extended periods when monitoring a folder, it is pleasing to see that it can be minimized to the system tray.

Overall, CSV-to-ICS Converter is a user-friendly program designed to help you convert CSV files to the ICS format. It is capable of processing single files or monitoring an entire folder and performing conversions automatically, and it offers extensive documentation.