Dealing with contacts in an Outlook address book can sometimes be a bit cumbersome. This is one of the reason why many users prefer to make the changes and tweaks into a CSV format file, from within Excel. However, once the adjustments have been performed, a way to convert that CSV file to the Outlook-compatible, VCF (vCard) format is required. CSV to VCF Converter will provide such functionality, but bear in mind that that functionality comes at the cost of maybe too much minimalism.

Much like its respective counterpart, VCF to CSV Converter, this program is also designed with simplicity in mind. Users can add multiple CSV files, but unfortunately, no drag-and-drop operations are supported.

The conversion process is straightforward enough and it doesn’t require any users to perform any special steps. Simply loading the files and exporting them to a newly renamed file is all there is to it.

There are two options for the conversion process and that are the output text standards, namely ANSI or UTF-8. Apart from this single option, the program lacks any additional features, which might be a bit frustrating.

For instance, when working with multiple files, it could be useful to be able to define the order or priority for processing each file, as users are not notified of the queue.

When going past its basic looks and minor drawbacks, it’s easy to see why CSV to VCF Converter could make a good tool for those who need to migrate their contact data from the Excel-compatible CSV format files to vCards.