cubeSQL is a capable relational database management system addressing both developers and small companies. The software utility is capable of turning single user database solutions into multi-user projects, with its purpose covering maintenance tasks as well.

Before anything else, it is worth mentioning that the tool can be accessed with PHP, JSON, REAL Studio, as well as with native C SDK, and its developers used SQLite as a starting point when designing it.

The characteristic fast response times as well as ease of use are two of the aspects cubeSQL puts considerable emphasis on. The fact that it compresses the data transitioning between the server and the data is living proof in this regard.

Moreover, ACID compliance, which is an acronym for atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable, is also on the feature list, and this translates to a multitude of benefits. For instance, you can rest assured about the situations in which you are handling database changes that have not yet been committed and users may be trying to access said database. This is because cubeSQL prevents users from accessing said database in such a state.

Moreover, in case your server experiences any sort of malfunctions rendering it in accessible, it is automatically restored to a previous, untouched state. Restore points can also be employed for this specific purpose.

Aside from that, database triggers can be used in order to keep data integrity intact, and AES encryption is there as well to ensure the security of the data exchanged via your server.

Up to 10,000 concurrent connections can be managed from a single server installation, and plugin support is provided as well to extend cubeSQL’s functionality.