While there are numerous applications out there that can help you create good-looking, informative diagrams, most require you to place elements manually, which may slow down your workflow.

Cubetto offers an alternative, as it handles the diagram’s layout automatically, so that all you need to do is focus on the content and insert all of the elements in quick succession. The program offers a rather limited array of features, but it can help you design a diagram in no time at all.

The program includes a series of templates, each specially designed to help you create a certain type of diagram. Depending on the one you select, you are provided with a specific set of objects and customization options.

After opening a project, you can begin adding new elements. This is where Cubetto stands out from other similar utilities, as all you have to do is provide the necessary details and specify how the element is linked to the next one.

The application manages the diagram’s layout automatically, so you can just keep adding all the other objects one by one without worrying about their arrangement.

Once a diagram has been created, you can export it to several formats, including PDF, PNG, JPG and CSV.

All your projects are displayed in the main window, so it is very easy to find a specific diagram and perform modifications or save it to a distributable format.

Cubetto’s mobile origins are evident as soon as you launch the application, as the interface layout is very similar to that of an iOS app. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but PC users are more likely to appreciate a program designed to play to the strengths of the platform.

Overall, Cubetto is a nifty application that can help you create multiple types of business-related organizational diagrams in a few simple steps. It may not offer an impressive array of features, but it is a great solution for people looking for a quick and easy diagram designer.