CDs and DVDs used to be the primary way of backing up data. With the arrival of USB drives, discs lost some ground, although they still stand strong.

Having a powerful and reliable application when writing discs is important, and this is where Cute CD DVD BD Burner comes in handy.

Cute CD DVD BD Burner Express is an application that helps you create data CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, but it has additional features, such as ISO file manipulation.

Cute CD DVD BD Burner Express has two main device access methods, which you can select whenever you want to burn a disc.

The SPTI – SCSI pass through interface is mainly associated with NT-based systems, while the other one, ASPI – Advanced SCSI programming interface, although supporting NT-based systems too, it is mainly used by Windows 9x systems.

Cute CD DVD BD Burner Express has a reliable disc eraser, which helps you clear rewritable discs, by deleting all the data they currently contain. There are two ways of erasing: fast erase, which deletes most files but might leave residue data, and full erase, which takes more time, but it safely erases all files from a disc.

This application features a powerful ISO creator tool, that is composed of a few utilities. The ISO ripper helps you burn ISO images to discs, while the ISO builder allows you to create ISO archives from files found on your computer or another disc.

Because it does not change any data on discs, you can use Cute CD DVD BD Burner Express's disc information tool to preview all the details about a CD, DVD and other.

Cute CD DVD BD Burner Express is an all-in-one suite used to create disc drives, as well as manage and create ISO images.