CutLeader is a complex and efficient software solution aimed to offer users a professional method for performing cutting and nesting operations on a wide range of machines, with a minimal level of effort entailed.

The program features an rather complicated interface, which makes it evident that inexperienced individuals would have a tough time working with it, yet the comprehensive help documentation can partially compensate for that aspect.

The ‘Start Page’ allows users to choose the preferred type of file (sheet or net job) they want to work with, making use of a tabbed appearance to enable users to easily switch between the various sections in order to edit and fully customize their file.

When creating a new sheet, users need to input the corresponding name and material information. The window that will subsequently open helps users begin creating their document, adjusting the ‘Part Layout’, the ‘CAM Feature’ or the ‘Sequence’.

On the other hand, when starting a new ‘Nesting Job’, users need to choose the preferred ‘Library’ and ‘Configuration’, then add the parts that will be nested, either from a DXF / DWG file or from the database. Users can also add the materials that will be used, then opt between a ‘Rapid Nest’ and a ‘True Shape Nest’, depending on their individual requirements. The generated file can be saved to the workspace for later usage.

The 'Sequence' component helps users determine the cutting order of the elements in a sheet, allowing them to simulate the process and separate the comprised instances, which can be individually eliminated from the operation. Users can also 'Generate Remnant Material', saving it for a different occasion.

To conclude, CutLeader is a comprehensive application that can assist users in executing nesting or cutting projects, allowing them to work with various compatible machines to obtain the object they need.