For many of us, aquariums can be a source of natural calmness. Others may find rest and relaxation watching how high-tech equipment works.

Cyberfish 3D Screensaver  is an app that brings together these seemingly unrelated elements to form a truly unique visual experience

This animated wallpaper and screensaver truly impress with the attention towards details that was put into making it. The fish themselves move in a realistic manner, making you actually believe they are swimming in water. The way they are designed, from the 3D-rendered models to the high-resolution textures make you want to reach out and grab a fish to see it up close. The level of detail put into designing each fish species is amazing, as you can pretty much see every wheel turning, and every propeller and motor spinning.

One piece of proof of how much time was spent on the details is that if you watch some fish, whenever they just float idly or turn around, their propellers do no spin since it only does so when it is rapidly moving forward.

If the visuals are too much for your system to handle smoothly, then you can always adjust several audio and visual settings from the menu.

For example, you can adjust the screen resolution and aspect ratio, the overall graphics quality and the sound's volume. The sounds can also be muted altogether and replaced with music from your own library.

Those of you running multi-monitor systems will be glad to hear that this app can also be displayed on several monitors as once.

If you love both the soothing experience of watching fish in an aquarium but are also fascinated by modern tech and mechanisms, then  Cyberfish 3D Screensaver is a desktop enhancement utility that will make you love sitting in front of your monitor.