CyberLink DVD Suite is a comprehensive software solution designed to provide you with the proper tools to create, play and manage your media files from CDs and DVDs.

The program's interface is quite appealing, offering all the options and features at your fingertips. Using the buttons, you can navigate through the application's functions, and learn what each component can do for you.

From the 'Favorites' section of CyberLink DVD Suite, you can access the tools you use most often. However, if you want to remove an item from the list, you can hover over it and press the 'Bin' button.

The 'Music' component provides you with the ability to make an audio CD, an MP3 or WMA DVD as well as rip the tracks from an audio disc, so you can enjoy all your songs, regardless of the used media. Similarly, the 'Data' button allows you to create a data Blu-ray disc, while the 'Movie Player' tool enables you to watch DVD movies in supposedly better-than-original quality.

The 'Video and Photo' section of CyberLink DVD Suite lets you to create a video disc or burn a DVD folder. Additionally, you can manage your videos and photos, as well as edit your movies, using the various 'Rooms' (the 'Effect Room' includes all the filters and effects you can apply to your video while the 'PiP Objects Room' offers countless frames and overlays you can place on your movie).

Using the 'Copy and Backup' feature, you can copy a data or a movie disc and save the files to your PC, allowing you to restore them in case the originals are lost or damaged. Finally, the 'Utilities' section of CyberLink DVD Suite enables you to create or burn a disc image as well as erase a disc.

CyberLink DVD Suite offers an extensive amount of features and functions, so it is quite difficult to comprise them all in just a few words. Nonetheless, you can confidently use this software package for countless successful DVD and CD copying or burning operations.