Considering that ransomware attacks are growing at an alarming rate, it is only natural that you want to protect yourself and your computer. While the payment demand is just one issue, a malware infection of this type can sometimes wreck chaos on small businesses as well as freelancers.

CyberSight RansomStopper is a tool designed to help you increase the security level of your system by detecting potential threats that usually go undetected by antivirus solutions, like in most cases with ransomware.

The installation is a quick and forthright operation that does not require any special attention on your part, but that requires you to reboot your PC. Once launched, the application pops a window where it demands your name and email address without specifying the reason. Not only is this confusing, but it may lead many to believe the app is a frontend for a potential scam.

It would have been nice if the developer included an explanation in this sense or specified this step in a location where all users can view it. Nevertheless, the application is ready to use as soon as you verify your email address via the link provided in the email.

The program comes with a sleek and stylish interface that is unlikely to give you any troubles. In addition, it comes with a tutorial that provides in-depth details about each menu and even performs a test alert so that you know what to expect when you need to deal with a ransomware attack.

It is worth mentioning that the utility does not block everything, but rather allows you to decide whether the alert is an actual threat. Consequentially, you can add the websites that you regularly access on the whitelist and all those that you did not even access to the blocked list.

Despite the poor choice of registering to use the application, CyberSight RansomStopper is a simple to use tool that can add an extra layer of protection to your computer along with an up-to-date antivirus software solution.