DAEMON Tools USB provides you with a very useful utility to connect to as well as share removable devices within your network. This comes in very handy and also eliminates dead-times from the equation of getting the files you need on a particular USB drive.

The simplicity of DAEMON Tools USB’s GUI is very welcome and the friendly environment it creates helps you quickly and easily get the job done. There are two main sections designated for the remote devices connected to the other computers in the network and the local devices on your PC.

You can easily add servers just by entering their IP address and connect to their shared USB devices. The interface also contains the disconnect option in order to allow the device to be unplugged from the remote server.

While the Local Devices area also displays the USB peripherals such as keyboard and mouse, sharing them and then un-sharing them creates some rather frustrating situations where you cannot use them. Then, the only solution is to go to the Task Manager and forcibly terminate the DTUSBSrv.exe process to restore their functionality.

Connected shared devices instantly appear within the available drives list on your system and you can utilize them as they were plugged into one of the USB ports on your computer. Unfortunately, the application does not display the working state of the shared devices, thus awkward situations may occur when trying to eject them while they are in use by some other user from the network.

DAEMON Tools USB requires you to pay attention and also communicate your intention of working with the shared devices which may vary from human interface devices, printers, webcams, scanners or typical mass storage appliances. While there is a down-side to utilizing this fairly useful application, DAEMON Tools USB manages to cut down the time you spend getting one device from a network computer to yours.