If you prefer using your computer to perform tasks otherwise done in a traditional way, for instance keeping a diary or taking notes, you probably understand how important specialized software is in this situation.

One of the applications that might come in handy in the scenario depicted above is DailyDiary Store App, as it provides you with a broad palette of helpful tools.

This program comes with a smooth, user-friendly interface that shelters a wide variety of intuitive functions, making it possible for you to understand and operate its controls without difficulty.

It also packs a handy configuration menu that can be displayed by clicking the dedicated gear wheel button from the main window. Here you can modify settings regarding notifications, diary, feeds and appearance.

DailyDiary Store App enables you to create diary entries without significant efforts by providing you with an interactive calendar layout and many auxiliary functions.

Creating an entry in your virtual diary can be easily accomplished by clicking the desired day in the calendar and typing your favorite content in the designated field.

Aside from letting you generate standard text entries in your diary, this program also makes it possible that you can attach images, audio recordings and also your geographical position into your entry. You can also assign tags if you want to identify your notes easier.

It is possible to view a timeline that includes all your notes and lets you browse through them in an intuitive manner. More so, you can also open a map and view a history of saved locations based on your diary entries. If needed, you can protect your diary with a password by typing it in the designated field, in the configuration menu.

To wrap it up, DailyDiary Store App is a reliable application that lets you create diary entries and attach photos, audio recordings and your geographical location to them. It comes with a comprehensive, user-friendly interface, packs multiple straightforward functions and lets you protect your notes by defining a password.