Windows XP was undoubtedly one of the greatest successes of Microsoft regarding released operating systems, yet users are encouraged to stop using it due the many vulnerabilities and flaws it comes with, especially since its support was ended.

If you too are considering ditching Windows XP in favor of another OS, you can try Windows 8, and DarWin 8 can help you get started.

The application is in fact a collection of numerous videos and animation clips that are meant to show you that all the functions you grew to appreciate in Windows XP are still available in Windows 8, albeit in a different form.

You only need to take some time to watch each and every video provided by DarWin 8, so as to get familiarized with the features and functions of Windows 8.

You start by previewing a Windows XP animation and you can select the feature you are interested in, such as opening the Start Menu, opening Internet Explorer, searching for a file or exploring the contents of the Recycle Bin.

Once you choose a function, DarWin 8 instantly plays a video that will show you how you can obtain the same results when using Windows 8. Related clips can be easily launched with a single mouse click, while the most interesting ones can be add to the Favorites list.

A great part of DarWin 8 is that it teaches you how to handle a Windows 8 computer using not only the traditional mouse, but also touchscreen-enabled devices. You only need to specify the type of videos you prefer, that DarWin 8 presents you with tips and tricks suitable for tablets.

All in all, the application comes in handy to all those who are still reluctant to give up their Windows XP because worry about the new feel of the OS. Due to this app, users can embrace Windows 8 with as little hassle as possible.