Whether we do it to stay informed or because we are bored, browsing the Internet takes up enough time to affect our productivity. And it’s not only time consuming; with the overabundance of information always at our disposal, we may often find ourselves facing tens of open tabs, not remembering why we opened them or what we were looking for in the first place.

If this is part of your daily routine, then any tool that could help you organize your browsing should be welcome. This is why you should take a look at an extension for Google Chrome called DashOne.

Once you add DashOne to your browser, every time you open a new tab you’ll be greeted by blocks of various sizes that contain widgets. These can contain useful information like the weather forecast, the time in different cities or stock values; they can be links to social media platforms or news from the sources of your choice.

There’s a widget that allows you to take notes and one that displays quotes from Game of Thrones; there’s a widget that shows a random GIF and another one that lets you play a crude brick breaker game. The point is that there are a lot categories to choose from and you can have them all (or just 10, if you’re going to stick to the free version) in your new tab.

While most of the widgets have fixed sizes, you can rearrange the blocks as you please, until they look like a satisfying puzzle of tools and information. You can also switch to dark mode if it’s more pleasing to your eyes.

After you’re done customizing it, use DashOne to get information quicker. While more widgets become available in time, you will truly be able to increase your productivity with this extension.