Managing a company’s finances is challenging without the right software to help you out, and it can often prove difficult to avoid making duplicate payments if multiple invoices are generated for the same transaction.

DAT Add-in is, as the name suggests a Microsoft Excel add-in designed to help accounts payable and P2P staff find duplicate invoices and avoid unnecessary payments. It analyzes data uploaded into an Excel spreadsheet using an SQL database.

To begin with, invoice data needs to be exported to an Excel document from your ERP or accounting software. The information is then sent to an SQL database, and it is returned to the workbook after analysis.

The generated report lists all potentially duplicate items that need to be inspected. It is possible to add comments from a drop-down list once the status of an item has been determined.

By uploading the comments that have been assigned to each entry, the add-in stores a history of the analysis and should help users identify the causes of errors and assess the tool’s performance.

The add-in’s functions can be accessed from the Excel ribbon, and the software was designed to allow users to upload data and generate reports with just a few mouse clicks.

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