Data Saver for Chrome is an extension that addresses users who want to cut down on data usage when accessing the Internet and respectively, permits you to open various websites faster even with a poor connection.

Considering it is an addon for Chrome, the installation is a smooth process that takes a few seconds and you can enable and preview the traffic immediately. You will be happy to learn that the app does not require configuration, so everything is being taken care of automatically once the extension is enabled.

The idea behind the tool is to ensure that the traffic is redirected through the Google servers before it is downloaded to your device. Since the data that reaches the servers is automatically compressed, it means that you are downloading less on your device. This can be translated into lower data consumption and consequentially, a lower Internet bill and faster loading pages.

A noteworthy feature is that the tool enables you to explore the data usage breakdown in detail and hence, determine how much websites use as well as how much data can be saved via the compression. By clicking on the Details, you can check out the numbers displayed in text and graphic for intervals ranging from 1 hour to the past 60 days.

As the data needs to reach the Google servers, a common issue that arises here is that of privacy. It is worth mentioning that not all data is routed there, as pages with HTTPS protocols along with your personal data is not redirected. In other words, the addon does not work on pages that require login or sites that store personal information.

Irrespective of whether you are trying to monitor your data usage, cut down on the Internet bill or you want webpages to load faster even with a slow connection, Data Saver for Chrome could be worth a try.