Database Cleaner is a reliable and quite easy to use piece of software aimed to provide you with an easy means of removing redundant records from your database files, enabling you to have your information better organized, so you can conduct your business with professionalism.

The main window of the application is very user-friendly and intuitive, making it quite handy, both for experienced individuals and novices, as it requires a minimal level of effort in working with it. All of the relevant functions are featured in Database Cleaner’s ribbon, for quick access.

It allows you to import the database file you wish to work with, supporting several formats, namely XLS, XLSX, TXT/CSV, MDB, ACCDB, Microsoft SQL or MySQL, the last two requiring you to authenticate and connect to the server.

To begin, you can import the file that you wish to clean by means of the ‘Open Table’ function, choosing the preferred visualization options, then loading the data in the main window of Database Cleaner. The ‘Statistics’ tab can be used for a graph-visualization of the ‘Empty’ or ‘Populated’ fields, being able to focus on specific types of records.

The ‘Find Duplicates’ component enables you to look for an ‘Exact Match’ or a ‘SoundEx Match’, specifying the type of the targeted ‘Column Name’, then pressing the ‘Start Search’ button. The detected redundant entries can be deleted with a few mouse moves.

Using the ‘Match Second List’ feature, you can import ‘Non-Matching Records’ into Database Cleaner, adding the corresponding items to your current file. Other tools include the ‘Email Cleaner’, ‘Text Cleaner’ and ‘Case Cleaner’.

To sum it up, Database Cleaner is a straight-forward and efficient program whose main purpose is to help you erase duplicates from your database files, without the slightest effort, being rather handy for marketing professionals, retail businesses, banking or schooling systems, as well as countless other situations.