Datattoo Recovery is a lightweight software application that aims to recover lost or deleted files from your hard disk or removable storage devices like SD memory cards. It's wrapped in an intuitive interface, doesn't require installation and has straightforward options that are easy to understand, even by those without previous experience in data recovery software.

Since setup isn't necessary, you can drop the small executable file on a USB flash drive or other external device to directly run Datattoo Recovery on any computer and undelete files. At startup, it autoscans all your fixed and removable drives, showing their types, capacity and other details.

Before proceeding to the next step, it's necessary to choose a drive to scan for all deleted contents. Bear in mind that it's possible to save scan results to file, which means that the next time you fire up Datattoo Recovery, you'll be able to import a previously saved session. This way, you can skip lengthy scan jobs if you wish to recover data from the same source.

Ongoing scans can be temporarily paused to allocate system resources to other running apps. What's more, Datattoo Recovery preserves the original folder structure and shows the full path of each recoverable file, along with the file name, date of creation and last modification, and chances of full recovery.

Only selected files can be recovered to the disk, and there are buttons for selecting and deselecting all objects from the current list at once. You can preview file information, including the hexadecimal code and text, as well as filter files by name, extension or date.

The software application carried out scan jobs quickly in our tests while remaining light on system resources consumption. Too bad that it doesn't have filters before starting the scan operation, in order to speed up the task and shift the program's attention toward a particular folder or file type. Nevertheless, Datattoo Recovery has great potential to become a powerful and customizable file recovery app.