DateCopy is a lightweight backup tool designed to copy all created or modified files to a new directory. You can then store this directory on CDs, floppies, a remote filespace, or whatever else.

By first backing up all your files, and then periodically using this package, you can easily keep a record of all your current files, plus have a history of changes to frequently modified files

The inbuilt DateCopy manual gives detailed advice about how to do backups.


■ Set source and destination directories

■ Multiple ways of choosing date of oldest file to be copied

■ Keeps a record of the times and dates it was used

■ Automatically chooses sensible options

■ Certain file paths (eg your !Scrap and temp directories) can be ignored just by dragging them to a window

■ Optionally create a file which lists date,size,type etc of every file in the directory to aid recovery and reset filetypes if neccesary

■ List file has configurable format

■ Optionally can just report number and size of files to be created, instead of copying them

■ Can be used to back-up different directories- keeps separate history files

■ Can be fully automated with command line switches

■ Full StrongHelp manual with advice about backup, instructions for how to use the program, and examples of more advanced usage