Preparing videos for playback on devices other than the PC is a task that can take some time and, more importantly, it requires specialized applications to be carried out successfully.

Fortunately, there are countless tools developed precisely of such tasks and among the innumerable converters available out there, DaviMax Video Converter aims to provide the necessary means of encoding clips in the desired format with ease.

The program comes with a quite friendly GUI, which hosts all the functions and commands, providing quick access to any of them. The multi-tabbed interface contains several areas, each designed for a certain type of conversion.

DaviMax Video Converter can put at your disposal the advanced settings for each output type, as it unfolds a whole new area when the 'Options' button is pressed in the 'Formats', 'Devices' or 'Web' tabs of the main window.

When it comes to the types that can be processed with DaviMax Video Converter, the most common video and audio files can be managed with ease. Thus, by adding a set of items in the file list, then choosing an output profile and the destination folder you should be able to perform the needed conversions in minutes.

Besides supporting the most widely spread multimedia types, this software is prepared to encode clips in formats that are specific to Android, iPad or Windows phone devices. What's more, there is a dedicated area where the selected videos can be turned into movies suited for some well-known video sharing websites.

All things considered, DaviMax Video Converter is pretty well equipped to help any user to quickly transform any movie or song into a format supported by a portable device or into a clip ready to be uploaded onto dedicated websites.