DBConvert for FoxPro & MySQL is a software application specialized in converting DBC (MS Visual FoxPro) dabatases and DBF separate tables to MySQL or vice versa while offering support for Unicode migration capabilities and a wizard-like approach.

The GUI is made up of a virtual assistant that offers you guidance throughout the entire configuration process. This method comes in handy especially for less experienced users. There’s also support for a help manual in case you have questions related to the program’s configuration parameters.

You may save a session to a file so you can easily import it in the future and delete unnecessary sessions. The tool can be also run from the command-line console.

You are allowed to choose the type of source database (MS Visual FoxPro or MySQL) that you want to convert, include DBF separate files, and define the destination database, namely MySQL dump, PHP script, or MS Visual FoxPro.

DBConvert for FoxPro & MySQL offers you the possibility to set up a new connection by selecting the target source, providing details about the hostname, port number, username, password, and connection character set, as well as picking the database.

The application allows you to customize the conversion process by selecting the items that you want to include or exclude. In addition, you may overwrite the existing database, remove certain symbols and replace them with other ones, view information about the copying process with the aid of progress bars, and schedule tasks for regular conversions at a certain time.

You can change the looks of the utility by selecting between several themes, pick the work folder, ask for confirmation upon exit, automatically load the last session, as well as create a separate log file after each execution.

All things considered, DBConvert for FoxPro & MySQL comes with a handy suite of features for helping you perform several database conversion tasks, and can be mastered by beginners and rookies alike.