DBConvert for MS Access to PHP + MySQL is a reliable tool that allows you to easily encode Microsoft Access databases and forms to MySQL data sources, which you can use in creating PHP webpages. The application can use entries or entire tables from Microsoft Access databases as conversion source.

DBConvert for MS Access to PHP + MySQL allows you to export information from Microsoft Access databases and queries to MySQL content. You may easily select the exact entries you wish to include in the conversion and ignore the rest.

The application also allows you to convert forms and controls, in order to be supported by the webpage, then fill in the form fields using values from the MySQL tables.

Moreover, it can easily transfer accurate copies of Microsoft Access forms, such as Single Forms, Continuous Forms or Datasheets and form controls to webpages.

The program can export both information and structures or field formatting. Thus, during the process, the location of the elements, colors and field types are also transferred to the result.

The list of convertible controls includes OptionGroup, ListBox, TextBox, CommandBox, ComboBox, label, images as form elements, images as OLE types, tabular control and subforms.

The application allows you to Insert, Delete or Update records from MySQL database to Web forms, as front-end for MySQL database files. At the same time, navigation buttons are automatically integrated in the converter forms, which makes it an easy to use and convenient tool.

DBConvert for MS Access to PHP + MySQL is user-friendly and its interface is created based on a wizard, with separate displays for each step of the process. The conversion is performed quickly and the software ensures no data loss, which makes it a suitable tool for a series of purposes. Moreover, a specialized area indicates whether errors occur during the process.