DC Envelope Printer is a user-friendly and efficient piece of software developed specifically for systems running under Windows 8, as it can only be installed from the Store.

The application features a simple and clean-cut user-interface, with just a few essential functions, making it quite approachable even for those who have limited experience with such tools. The main window displays the sender's and recipient's addresses, along with the 'Envelope Size' and 'Print Status'.

Right-clicking the main window enables you to access the toolbar and start adjusting the various functioning preferences, activate 'Auto Scale', 'Edit' the addresses on the envelope or input them manually; you can 'Preview' the finished results before printing.

For each printing operation, DC Envelope Printer can be customized from the 'Configure' section of the utility. As such, you can choose the necessary sender and recipient addresses and whether to display them or not. Also, you can select the preferred 'Envelope Size' from several available standard options, like 'B4', 'C3', 'DL', and many others.

The 'Update' button from the toolbar allows you to add new addresses, including the type of recipient or sender ('Organization', 'Individual') the 'Prefix', 'First' and 'Last Name', 'Address', 'City', 'State / Province' and 'Zip Code', after which you can save the information and reuse it later, however often you need.

While it was meant for professional environments, where handwritten addresses are out of the question, the program can just as well serve individuals who simply wish to ensure that their envelopes have a clean and polished appearance.

To conclude, DC Envelope Printer for Windows 8 can prove quite handy, as it spares you from a lot of effort when you need to print addresses onto envelopes, thus saving you a lot of time, by enabling you to complete the task within minutes.