DC ReturnKey Enabled is a useful and lightweight COM-based component designed for all programmers who want to navigate through form controls using the 'Enter' key rather than the 'Tab' key.

This makes it easier for them to enter codes and access controls, without having to use different keys for different operations.

The component doesn't require advanced skills to use, since with a single line of code you can activate the Return key and assign it the functions that the 'Tab' key has by default. The code is inserted at the beginning of your source code.

DC ReturnKey Enabled is compatible with most COM-based applications, such as Borland C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic and Delphi, also providing support for various programming languages. Therefore, programmers can easily activate the 'Enter' key without having to learn new syntax.

The component automatically registers its DLL files during installation, leaving you to add it as a reference to integrate it into your Visual Studio project.

The package provides you with a tutorial to learn how to use it in no time. By activating the Enter key, you won't have to use the Tab key when filling a form. The goal is to allow developers focus on an application's functionality, rather than wasting time defining events.