Translating documents or any other type of texts on a regular basis can be a tedious job, unless the appropriate tools are at hand. Besides dictionaries and editors for writing the texts here are some utilities which can cover lots of aspects related to this activity.

Déjà Vu is one of the applications that can serve as a complete environment for translators, as it packs all the necessary functions to help them in their work.

The ribbon-styled menu of this program makes it very easy to find the group of commands you might need when handling the texts that have to be translated.

Classified according to the purposes they serve, the functions are neatly stacked in categories and placed in relevant menus, so with a couple of clicks you can get to the ones you need.

The workspace is divided into several parts and most of the space in the main window is assigned to the translation area, where the source and the target languages share similar panes. The 'Project Explorer' pane contains the files that were included in the currently open translation project.

When starting a new project in Déjà Vu it is possible to use templates and creating them takes a single click. More precisely, you will be able to save any of your projects as templates and use their settings as a model when dealing with a similar task.

Creating a lexicon from an opened document cans also be done and this way you will have at your disposal all the words inside that file, ordered according to the frequency with which they occur in the text.

Prior to saving and exporting the translation, you can check the document, using the functions available under the 'Review' menu. This way, you can verify the spelling and the terminology, check tags and spaces, edit comments and many more.

Déjà Vu is easy enough to use to be ready to accommodate novice users and packs just enough advanced features to attract the experienced ones. Overall, it can be a good choice for anyone who needs a bit of help in making translation tasks more facile.