DDR - FAT Recovery is a feature-rich application that recovers lost files and directories from formatted storage devices.

The program offers a clear-cut menu with three main options, namely basic, deep and signature search, to help regain lost or deleted data from hard drives, each having a detailed structure.

It can restore deleted files such as music, pictures, videos and documents from FAT 16, FAT 32, VFAT or NTFS partitions, as well as recover data lost due to a corrupted file system and viruses, and missing items due to formatted disks or drives.

The basic mode is the fastest option to retrieve items, by selecting the disk and partition from the list of available physical or logical drives. If the partition is not in the list, you can search it through the “Search More Partitions” function.

You can stop the scanning anytime, but it is recommended to let the software tool complete the process. Results are displayed with the file name, type, size and date.

The deep method works similar to the basic mode, but it has more advanced filters. For example, you can refine the scanner by looking into the entire storage, a specific sector range, or a preferred partition of the selected disk.

The signature search applies a similar mechanism as the other two. After completing the scan, the recovered files are displayed randomly, and you can view them in two separate folders, "General" and "Omitted". To this particular mode, two options are applied, “DDR General Recovery Procedure” and “DDR Thorough Scanning Algorithm”.

While using the software program, you may be interested in interrupting the recovery process before saving data, so with the help of the log option, you can save and later load recovery results. This way, you can avoid wasting time rescanning the disk.

All things considered, DDR - FAT Recovery is a useful and complex recovery program that helps retrieve various files that have been either deleted or lost due to system errors.