Sometimes when you try to restore a backup to your iOS device it might happen that iTunes reports it as corrupt, even though you have not tampered with its content. Decipher Backup Repair promises to fix corrupt iTunes backup files on your computer, enabling you to access the content saved from your iOS device once more.

Designed as a wizard, it carefully guides you through the process of recovering your data, providing clear instructions throughout the way. At launch, you are welcomed by a short description of the application telling you about the way everything works.

Decipher Backup Repair looks for existing backups in the location where iTunes usually saves them and displays a list of the available backup files, alongside the creation date and time. there is no need for you to jailbreak your handheld device to use this application.

Once you choose the backup to analyze, the application proceeds to scanning its contents and shows you the possible issues that might affect the validity of the backup. During our tests, it showed that some files within the backup have an incorrect size assigned to them.

With a single click you can start repairing your backup files. Decipher Backup Repair looks for missing camera roll photos, retrieves the SMS history and the notes database, contacts and calendar entries.

Decipher Backup Repair comes in handy when you want to restore an iTunes backup and you get the annoying error message saying that the backup is corrupt or not compatible with your device. It works with backups created for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches and enables you to retrieve your data without a lot of effort.