If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod has been damaged in any way, rendering your WhatsApp messages inaccessible, resorting to a software solution such as Decipher WhatsApp could make a difference.

The application can export all your WhatsApp conversations along with the associated attachments so that you easily recover accidentally lost content.

Once you install the program, which, it must be said, should be an undemanding process, you are faced with an approachable user interface listing all your backup files, regardless of whether or not they are encrypted.

Upon deciding which of them is relevant in a given context, you can proceed with the recovery task itself, with the application displaying the deleted message data in the middle section of the main window.

You simply need to select the contacts that interest you, with the messages exchanged with said persons being revealed in the panel on the right.

Note that the program is capable of reading and recovering attachments as well, which means that images, videos, and any other files supported by the WhatsApp service can land on your computer even though they were affected by various issues.

Whatever the case, the app lets you inspect the recoverable data so that you are fully aware of the content you want to access.

It is important to mention that no jailbreaking is required in order to salvage data from your iOS device, which means the user interaction with the software utility should be rather undemanding.

All in all, Decipher WhatsApp is a useful piece of software for users whose iOS devices were flawed by issues leading to WhatsApp data loss. The program can easily recover WhatsApp messages and attachments from your backup, with the entire operation being untroublesome.