Dectia Property Management is a reliable and easy to use program, dedicated to helping you manage payment, leases and unit prices for your rental properties. The software comes in handy for landlords and property managers, since it allows them to view periodical reports of rent payments, leases and other expenses.

Dectia Property Management features a clear-cut interface, based on table display, which is suitable for viewing the list of tenants you need to manage. The software can thus filter the data and display the tenants who are late with payment, rent increase notices or the customers that need to make repairs.

The software can instantly generate tenant statement, security deposit receipts, notices regarding repairs, rent increase, tenancy termination or past due rent. You may easily send emails or print forms and letters to customers. Moreover, you may create a list of all the units you manage and mark those that are already leased. The software can automatically calculate the due rent and other monthly taxes, based on the tenancy contract input.

The software offers you a systematic approach to property management, thanks to its tab division. Thus, the dashboard displays an informative chart on the all the leases and their statuses and the Units tab allows you to view all the apartments or properties in your administration. Leases & Tenants displays a table of all the contracts and allows you quick access to generating/printing reports or invoices.

Rents and Payments allows you to view the status of each due payment, while in the Expenses, you may record payments that you need to make, both deductible and non-deductible. The Reports function allows you to create filters and view the desired information over a period of time, while the from Tools menu, you may create backups or restore data.

Dectia Property Management is easy to use, reliable and allows you to easily monitor the status of the leases, tenants and rental units. Moreover, the software allows you to quickly create invoices, receipts and notices, then print or send them via email. You may create backups for the provided information and restore it at any time.