The deep space has always fascinated humankind. It lies beyond the clouds and is full of mysteries and wonderful phenomena like black holes, asteroids, stars and maybe even the promise of other life forms.

Deep Space 3D Screensaver takes advantage of the passion of ours and transports you to another galaxy.

The 3D modeling that is good, with textures enhanced by pixel shading and several lighting elements that truly make you feel like you are looking at a solid object floating through space.

The animations are smooth and seem natural, and the stary background images make the screensaver look like it is infinite.

The asteroids, planets and black holes are also designed beautifully and don't look like simple spheres floating in the void of space. The audio soundtrack is also a bonus since the ominous tunes enhance the feeling of emptiness generated by the void of space.

Despite the app's simplicity, some of you who are using older hardware may experience some performance drops, so that is where the "Settings" menu can come in handy.

It gives you the possibility of enabling and disabling several features so that you may enhance the visuals (e.g., high-texture quality and pixel shaders), or enhance your performance (adjust resolution and aspect ratio)

Another thing worth mentioning is the utility aspect of this screensaver, which comes in the form of a high-tech looking digital clock that's designed to look like a holographic projection into your interface, similar to what you see in some Sci-Fi movies.

Those in love with peace, solitude and celestial objects will find Deep Space 3D Screensaver a useful software application to have on their PC.