Not every application comes with instructions. However, specialized tools like DemoEasel Builder give you the possibility to create a tutorial for anything you consider might get others stuck.

The main window of the application is a gateway to either the editor itself or directly to the capturing process. You will never feel lost, because help will be provided before you get to start.

Capturing is fairly simple, you only need to use the window where emphasizing needs to be done. Your actions are recorded and each mouse click will have to be pressed by the end user as well, in the tutorial you create. Once the capturing is complete, you can crop the selected area to better adjust the view, after which you are taken to the editing section.

In order for the receiver to fully understand the help you are providing, he will have to follow literally with each mouse click. Whenever a mouse button is pressed in the tutorial, it stops, and info is shown on what to do next.

By default, in the info box you can read “Click in a red box”. However, you can edit the text to make things clearer. The demo will only move to the next step if action is done in the red box. This can mean clicking either one of the mouse buttons or simply hovering the cursor above it. For these options a little coding needs to be done, but if written correctly it can make the receiver's experience both worthwhile and fun.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that DemoEasel Builder gives you the possibility to design an interactive tutorial for nearly anything. You can make use of the step by step demo that the application automatically creates after recording, or you can spend a little time to edit the final result to make it user friendly for the receiver.