Creating a proper first impression can open up a lot of doors in a business. Delivering your product in a pretty wrapped package can help you make that step. DeployMaster is a handy utility you can use to create an installer for your applications so that they are distributed in a professional manner.

In order to get the final result up and running you will have to browse through several tabs, each with its own requirements. Some fields are optional, the ones that are crucial for the process being highlighted until completion.

From the most basic info, such as specific details about your application, to registry editing and 3rd party support, are included to make sure anything you need to deploy can be compressed in an installer package. Furthermore, operation system compatibility options are available, as well as an editable message to be displayed in case something goes wrong.

Amongst the first steps of the process you will come across an “Appearance” tab which seems to be slightly shallow. Other than filling the background of the installer window with a gradient color, which you are not able to choose, and setting the font for the displayed text, there is little else that can be done. Seeing how there is an option to completely cover the screen background, it would have been useful to pick at least an image to appear throughout the installation process.

In addition, you can set the language to some of the presets that are available, or create your own, manually writing down everything that the end user needs to know.

All in all, DeployMaster can help you wrap application files into a useful installer package. It is a good partner to have around, and will save you some time if the deadline is near for your product and don't want to work on a unique installer. The process is completed fast, and you are also able to test the result in order to carefully twitch it to be just right.