Nowadays, with all the work and projects we fill our time with, it's difficult to keep track of time and with upcoming assignments. The default system clock has limited functions, and can prove unhelpful in alerting you when important events are due. As a solution, different people developed simpler or more complex programs to help keep an eye on the remaining time.

Desk Clock is one of the many, coming with a few handy options to view the time, check the date, and set reminders. The setup is complete before you know, and needs only a few clicks from your side. There isn't much to say about the interface, as it only displays a widget clock, which can be moved anywhere on the monitor.

However, the context menu can be accessed only by right-clicking on the tool, and contains all the offered functions. The first three choices you can select are the formats, like analog, digital, or text. Plus, if you wish to have the clock in plain sight all the time, you can activate the on-top feature.

Other optional elements that may be disabled at any given time are the toolbar and the date. If you think the size it's too small, you are able to adjust the dimension, by dragging the corners to the proper length. The calendar only displays the current date, while the reminder lets you schedule multiple alerts, with a custom sound (WAV), run a command, or show a text.

Regarding its looks, from the preferences, you can hide the title bar, change the font type, size, numbers, various colors, as well as the date appearance. The General tab gives you the possibility to play a specific sound every hour, pick the time server, and show the reminder indicator when set.

The bottom line is that Desk Clock is a useful and fun program designed to be a simple and practical tool to check the time/date, sync the system's timer, and change the way it looks.