If you are running a small business, then there is a good chance that you do not have an account payable department and hence, the task of billing and invoicing falls to you. Desk Quote Professional is a tool that can help you manage your billing system more efficiently and speed up things so that your payments are done on time.

While the setup is a fast and uneventful process, you need to make sure that you have Microsoft Access Runtime installed on your computer in order to launch the application. The program is designed as an easy-to-use split database, meaning that entering and managing data is fairly intuitive and should not give you any troubles.

The app includes examples of what sort of information should be filled in the dedicated fields, so you are unlikely to need training. Nevertheless, if you stumble across something you are not really sure about, then do not hesitate to access the comprehensive Help section.

Generally speaking, a constant problem with having a few people managing the database is not you cannot be sure whether the same information is entered several times. The program allows you to overcome this predicament and network it with the main server. The direct advantage is that yourself or your staff get to spend less time doing redundant tasks.

As far as its functions are concerned, the app comes with a dedicated tab for some of the most common aspects you need to attend to when doing finances. Therefore, you can keep data about customers, suppliers, quotations, orders, purchases, images, invoices, employees, job status or job costing, for instance, all in one place.

In the eventuality that you are taking care of the billing, invoicing and managing accounting by yourself, then Desk Quote Professional can lend a hand with keeping data neatly organized and the payments made on time.