Deskone is a sophisticated and fun application designed to offer a fast method to change your desktop background and behavior, and enhance it with tools such as weather and timer. 

After the installation process, it's recommended to run the program in administrator mode, in order to work properly. It's automatically sent to the systray, and from where you can access all its features. The app lets you lock the desktop, set it to run at Windows startup, and schedule shutdown sessions.

One of the main features is the option to set the desired background, either using the default pictures the program comes with, or your favorite ones from the computer. In order to do so, you have to manually add the files in the list, by copying and pasting them. For the change to take place, you need to restart the app.

The photos are displayed either in the center of the screen or extended, while their transition interval can be chosen from a few seconds to one time per day. If you want to view a specific picture, the last and next buttons can be used to navigate between them. In addition, you are able to play music (MID), which are inserted the same as the photos.

Another handy feature is the weather widget that lets you select a particular time zone (e.g. Europe, Asia) and country, and opens a new page using the system web browser, with the forecast for the next couple of days. The calendar may be displayed in any area of the screen, unfortunately, it not possible to modify its color or font.

Some fun options are the pets (cat, dog, bird) and the built-in games, like Tetris and Pacman. The tool displays one of the selected animals that comes with several interactions. However, due to the app's outdated interface, they may cause some glitches.

Taking everything into consideration, Deskone is a reliable and entertaining utility designed to provide a simple method to enhance your desktop with your favorite wallpapers, music, and pets. Plus, you can check the weather and read the news.